Role of your Real Estate Agent

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This story is to help to understand how a licensed Real Estate Agent works for you. We recently were in conversation with a prospective buyer on a property that we have listed for sale. I answered all of her questions, gave her lots and lots of information that included the condo association documents, financials etc on the property, referred her to a lender that has a loan program on that condo and spent an hour showing her the property. I continued to answer her questions over the next few days. When she was ready to write an offer she thought that since I had it listed for sale that she could “represent” herself. I explained to her that unless changed, we at FletcherSales Realty, act as a transaction broker and that by doing so I would be working with both her and the seller within my obligation of such. I found it interesting as she was convinced that I was not going to be doing any work for her ??? I am pretty sure that I had ALREADY done work for her AND for the seller FOR FREE and only compensated when and if the property closes. Please respect your Realtor as they do LOTS of work and handle many bumps in the road that you do not see. If you do not understand their role in your transaction, just ask and we will be happy to explain.

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